White Magick vs. Black Magick

Blue Mary

Before we begin discussing any topics about the occult, its always a great idea to get some definitions in place and the direction you want your spiritual path to go.  When dealing with occult intentions, the terms and concepts behind white versus black, religion versus spirituality, or right hand path verses left hand path have been blurry and ill-defined.  When it comes down to it, most people labels these distinctions with a moral judgement or a good and evil separation which at the end of the day, is purely subject. One of the best definitions I found was inspired by the author Stephen Flowers, in his book, “Lords of the Left Hand Path.” When looking at the goal of the Right Hand path, the magician wants to harmonize themselves with the higher laws of nature, the universe, or God, this is what can be considered White Magick. The goal is to conform to the natural laws of the universe and find strength with this union.  When the individual self merges with the higher energy, the magician becomes enlightened with the release of his/her ego.  This has also been the goal of most religions and any magick connected to the healing arts.  By releasing your ego and connecting your soul with God, The Cosmic, Nature, The Universe, or whatever term you feel comfortable with, you will reach spiritual state and tap into your spiritual power and reach spiritual enlightenment. The goal of the Black Magician is to have God, the Cosmic, Nature, or the Universe conform to his/her will.  This path focuses the role of power and freedom by gaining control over his/her spiritual life and journey.  When looking at these paths, neither one should be considered good or evil, but equal in their need for humanity and it is up to the magician to determine their dominant spiritual quest.  Everyone has the ability and use for both, but one will dominate your path and serve as a spiritual compass for the rest of your journey.   When deciding your spiritual path, you must become aware of your intentions and goals. Your path needs to be decided before beginning any form of occult studies.  Simply stated, are your occult intentions to conform to the universe to create a natural state of bliss, (White Magick) or to have the universe conform to your intentions to create a sense of independence and freedom (Black Magick). When you discover your path from the start, your journey into the occult will become more successful. This will help you find spiritual teachers and communities that will help support and guide you towards your spiritual goals.

Book Referenced:  “Lords of the Left-Hand Path” by Stephen E. Flowers, Ph. D. (2012)



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