The “W” Word

IMG_3050After a few rants and raves, I’ve given some time to begin my journey of coming out of the broom closet and finally start the 2nd degree. This may not seem like a big deal because I’ve been a pagan for as long as I can remember, but never a public pagan. You know what, lets not use pagan, lets use the “w” word, I’m a witch. There it is, I’m a witch and making it known publicly. I’m usually scarred to admit this because
it’s usually followed by some Wizard Of Oz joke or a Harry Potter reference. I’ve always used softeners like Pagan, Goth, New Age,Gypsy, but internally preferred to use witch in secret. Everyone has a coming out of a closet story and I guess it’s my turn. Lately I’ve been faced with a now or never polarity. I want to begin living as a witch with music, life, love, the whole package. But in order to move past the perpetual initiate and stop making passive aggressive remarks or using softeners it’s time to come clean. Let’s face it, after hundreds of years of persecution and now living in a scientific era, it can be intimidating to come out. My ultimate goal in all of this is to finally merge my two identities (Inner and Outer) into one person. No I don’t have multiple identities, lets just say when I’m out in “the real world” I still don’t feel comfortable in my skin. So as a commitment to face my fear and come out of the broom closet, I’m going to blog about my Book of Shadows, Spells, Psychic Journeys, Spirit Guides, and even some of my Personal Mythology. If it a while between blog posts it’s because I’ve lost my nerve. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. So.. CHEERS! I raise up my Rum and Cherry Coke and toast to coming out and calling myself a….wait for it….WITCH!


  1. Congratulations! It can be an intimidating thing to openly claim your craft for the first time. I will say that it gets easier as time passes. Even though witchcraft is becoming more mainstream, there is still a lot of disinformation out there that you will get asked about and have to deal with, but coming out of the broom closet and living openly as a witch is one of the best moves I ever made. May I suggest that if you start a new job, or meet new people, give them a chance to get to know you first as yourself, then after they like you for who you are, you can gently break it to them what you are, as well. It makes the transition easier for them and for you if they get to know you beforehand. Good luck with living openly out of the closet. It is worth it!

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