Personal Mythology As A Witch’s Path:

 AngelOne thing that I obsess about is finding the perfect pantheon.  One day I’ll be focused on Greek mythology and the next day convinced that my pantheon lies in the Necronomicon.  Another approach I took was the use of “The Underworld” as a blanket term, which didn’t work either. I was trying to find myths with gods and goddesses that fit with my own worlds and personal guides.  Needless to say, nothing filled the void and the approach begin to feel forced. My spirit guides had their own names and personalities that had nothing to do with Greek, Celtic, Norse, or any of the traditional paths.  I could find aspects here and there, but it wasn’t their names or identities.  So how could I continue my path if there wasn’t a tradition or structure to follow?

I finally found a start with the concept of Personal Mythology.  Personal Mythology is creating your own heroes and heroines while using this dynamic to create a your own traditions, myths, and journeys. I’ve always been a fan of polarity magick and sex magick, so fusing the gods and goddesses aspect within myself with my own story seemed like a perfect start to creating my own mythology. Once I began to explore this path, my guides came out of the woodwork and I felt connected to my intuition again. I could approach this study as basic psychology of interacting with different archetypes of my personality or use as rituals for witchcraft.  Either way, the results were the same, I finally felt like I found my own personal pantheon and began to give it structure and a path.

Since this method is rooted in Depth Psychology, my journey would follow the archetypal hero’s journey that confronts the shadow self and matures these attributes until the first journey is complete and I’m one step closer to self-actualization. I’ve seen other witches use this method but it wasn’t as popular as I thought it would be.  For me, this approach made total sense.  I can use the psychology aspect to gain a logical perspective while using the tools of witchcraft to develop the intuitive aspects for emotional growth and fulfillment.  In short, my inner God would reach towards the psychology of the journey and inner Goddess would reach towards the craft.  Together they would create a true sense of Self, one that can be functional and emotional, male and female, and most of all, a path that I can create and that is my own personal quest.

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