Dark Witchcraft as a Science and Art:


When exploring dark witchcraft, there is a distinct separation when I approach it as a science and an art. As a science, I use it as a form of a transformative psychology experience to heal my anxiety and assign meaning to lives experiences. In a past post, I mentioned creating a personal mythology. Using transpersonal psychology is based on Jungian psychology using archetypes as a way to understand your mind.  The bridge of the occult and Jung is nothing new, but serves an excellent method for understanding the modern science behind my fascination with the occult. Transpersonal psychology is a method to experience identity beyond the individual to encompass the psyche. I lean on this when my occult experiences become too lucid, and I need to return to reality and my everyday life without losing my thought process.  This approach is very helpful when dealing with the darker aspects of witchcraft, and I go beyond my comfort zone in some dark literature and rituals.

The art is where the true magick happens.  Using occult ritual as a physical art form using music, poetry, and visuals are where I find the true experience. Having the artistic freedom to explore myself is what brought me to the occult and specifically darker witchcraft when I was a teenager. Being involved with witchcraft both logically and creatively gives me the entire spectrum I crave in the craft.  In witchcraft terms, I see this as a union of the God (logic) and Goddess (art).  I don’t use this as gender roles, but as a representation of polarity magick and psychological sex magick.  The union of the two create a complete mind and keeps me centered.  I term this as the “sex” of the gods and goddesses and separate the term of gender for the arts.  I use the term gender to signify the masculine and feminine aspects of the gods and goddesses. For instance, I consider myself a very feminine man even though my biology (sex) is male. Using gender as a term for the arts gives me the freedom to interact with the gods and goddesses as a gender outlaw.  For me, a gender outlaw is one who drifts from the assigned gender roles of society with a freedom of artistic expression.

To sum up, I categorize the sex of the Gods and Goddess in terms of sex magick in the forms of Gods (Logic) and Goddesses (Arts) that is ruled by the Gods.  The aspects of Gender Gods (Masculine) and Goddesses (Feminine) to give the freedom for gender outlaws like myself to artistically express myself in a realm ruled by the Goddesses. This approach may be an overcomplicated way to approach witchcraft, but it helps keep a balance for polarity magick in both worlds, the worlds of the Gods and Goddesses. For me, this brings magick into my everyday life as well as my inner journey making it an experience that involves every aspect of my life.

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