Self Defense and The Necronomicon

giger_necro 04

Meditation  has always been  associated with the mental aspects of the craft.  For me, this is the world of imagination, where fact and fiction merge together to create a personal mythology of the mind.  In my earlier blogs, I mentioned that I have a system of magic for each need, for Meditation and  self ddefense, that system of magick is The Necronomicon. I chose this because it is a blend of mythology, literature, magick, and esoteric imagery.  The world of The Necronomicon was written by the mad arab, showing divine intellect and mental illness and the landscape where the two can blend to become one.  When I read the Necronomicon by Simon, it takes me on an ambient journey of the subconscious into dream worlds where creatures and symbols have more meaning than words and language. I’ve decided to take this week and truly pinpoint why the Necronomicon has always been my element of sellf defense, I imagine the gates of Necronomicon openeing  when  I enter a deep trance or mediation.  As lustful and violent the images of H.R. Giger’s Necronomicon is, it has always appealed to my mind more than anything else. In times of metal challenges or any talk of metal illness, it is these images and the mythology of the Necronomicon that a reach for to understand this part of my journey.  I fully realize that most people do not adopt an entire system of magick for each need such as Attraction. Repulsion, and Self Defense, but I would love to hear what God or Goddess, pantheon, style of magick, or anything that you reach for when thhe need for self defense and/or meditation. I think it would be interesting to hear different points of view and how you personally relate to this aspect of the journey.

Painting used without permission: “H.R. Giger:  Baphomet”

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  1. Even though there seems to be disagreement on which is the “original” necronomicon, I always thought one could also write his/her own necronomicon. Very much like one’s own “Book of Shadows”.

    Very short, thoughtful piece.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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