Witchcraft and Rebellion


I’ve been reading many views about the use of Satan in witchcraft practices.  It seems ironic that anything to do with Christianity, even Satan, is not welcomed in many Wiccan communities.  The reason I find this ironic is because the the deities I find the closest relationship to is Satan as a God image and Kali for the Goddess.  When I use Kali, I never get any pushback from Wiccan’s as blending religions or that Hinduism is not the same as Witchcraft. When I mention Satan, the room seems divided between those who feel you have the freedom to follow your heart and those who are against the use of Satan.  For me, witchcraft is about my personal transformation in the Universe and the evolution of my spiritual self. The true belief of Witchcraft stems from the idea that all Gods and Goddesses are part of the divine, and the expression of those Gods and Goddesses are the individual deities to guide the occult student in a method best understood by the neophyte. These two forms of Deities form polarities and is best understood if used under a shared pantheon.  My pantheon has always been that of the dark rebels of the craft.  Satan and Kali are the perfect expression for me to learn my own polarity and stretches my beliefs from eastern to western religions.  I now see why Satan is truly a God of rebellion.  Even in circles where all Gods and Goddesses are welcome, Satan still creates a feeling of uneasiness and fear.  To be honest, it wasn’t until I felt the pushback from some of the pagan community that I truly understood how rebellious Satan was.  To become an outlaw in the Christian faith and in some Wiccan circles sends a powerful message to me.  This week, I truly found my passion for both Kali and Satan and feel that I am blessed to have both of them in my life.  To find so many people turning their back on me, judging me, and even considering me an outcast for blending Witchcraft with Satanism made me feel isolated and alone. This was proof to me that even when the world turns their back on me, Satan and Kali have my back.  These two have my best interest at heart and they will never let me down. Especially when the world wants me to fail. 

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