A Blood Moon Confesional

The blood moon is a great time to shed off old ideas and begin a new adventure. On the blood moon, I took a ritual cleansing bath and asked for guidance for the new phase of my life. During the ritual, I did struggle with two roads and identities that seemed to be somewhat incompatible until that ritual bath. My first passion is the occult, the idea of using dark magick for personal transformation. My second passion is music, being able to express myself through DJing and electronic music. In the past, I have made several attempts to merge these two together only finding a lack of information and frustration. During this ritual, I couldn’t help but feel pulled between the two passions as I struggled to pinpoint which one would gain my focus and dedication. By the end of the ritual, I decided to do both. What was once an unclear path had become attainable and practical for the first time. I’ve decided to pursue my love for the occult and personal transformation with the ideology and concepts of occult music theory. With the lack of resources and scattered knowledge, I’ve decided to write occult music and chronicle the occult theory behind the compositions. The only music pieces I will make public will be the DJ mixes until I feel better equipped to share my original compositions. During the research of occult music, I would love to eventually gather the information and publish a book on the subject. So this is my blood moon confessional: For my next phase I plan to write and release original music and work on a non-fiction book that is focused on Occult Music Theory. Wish me luck on my new adventure and I will blog about my findings.
Blessed Be,

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