Polarity Magick And Music

My first exploration into occult music will be my own ideas and theories about music and the use of polarity magick. I am a firm believer in polarity magick and the interaction of the two being the foundation for all magickal experiences. When approaching music and music composition, I break music into two main categories: Rhythm and Tonality. In it’s most basic forms, these two work together to create the magick of music. To connect this theory to polarity magick, I assign these traits of music to the Gods and Goddesses. The world of rhythm can be very aggressive, primal, and bring a connection to body movement. For me, these are the traits of the God energy. Rhythm heavy music also has a masculine energy to it, presenting dominance and strength. The more rhythm is present, the more masculine the energy is. The other trait, tonality, includes anything that is tonal in music. This is the concept of melody and harmony. This soft seductive sound has an feminine energy to it bringing music to the world of the Goddess. Together, these two elements Tonality (Goddess) and Rhythm (God) weave together in polarity magick to create the phenomena of music. This can be seen as a form of sex magick, the great rite, polarity magick, or the creation of energy. In concept, one can not exist without the other. In other words, there will always be a tone present and there will always be a sense of rhythm present. Even in purely tonal and instrumental works and in rhythm only electronic music, one can not exist without the other. The true magick is when both energies can be released and combined to create music. This is when the soul sings and the power of music really comes alive. All music shares this creation from classical to pop music, each piece of music has an element of the God and Goddess in it. Whether you are a witch or not, this concept can be shared making music the truly universal language.


  1. Wow, I read this post a while ago, but re-reading it now I understand it so much more. Thank you for writing it! I always learn something new from your posts. And of course I like the gender element.

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