Sects, Blood, & Rock ’n’ Roll


A haunted silence is filled with my world
Transforming suicide into a solitude dance
A dance we can only see
Stars that shine for us again
Again and again
We leave the world of the sane
Like droplets of blood
That cures a whispers kiss
We deny it ever happened
But it’s here to stay
My forked tongue gives you two paths
The lower path is what waits for us
No trees or sunshine here
This is the path we follow
The crossroads of a madman
Who gained consciousness as a madam
Don’t be scared of the dark, it’s only here to hold you
Like a baby on the breasts of her lover
The black milk of Kali taste sweet
Sweets as my lovers breath
In darkness we shine
Our fire is kindled by the lust we came here for
The light of righteousness only takes us away from the moment
Here in the dark, we can see how bright we shine

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