Unexpected Guest

screenshot-2014-10-02-at-12-49-57-ghost-of-black-eyed-girl-seen-for-first-time-in-30-years - Version 2

Upsy Daisy lazy sinner
A new day faces you
Will you follow the light of the north or the south?
It is the 7th day I pray 2 thee
To free her of pain and mockery
Screaming at the unborn eye
Of pampered love and strange requests
That only happens when she’s undressed
Pray for death to free your life
From the secret stress
Are we waiting for the unexpected guest?
Get Out! You’re not welcome!
Portraits of pleasure and pain in stained glass treasure
Can you see your reflection?
Pull the trigger it’s not a joke
Slice your wrists and cut your throat
You will be caught in a flood
Without a boat
The only way you’ll be saved is
If you have some hope
Immaculate dreams and pleasurable screams
They push me away
You caused a scene
In purple portraits of love and lust
Will happen no more
All beds will rusts
Here covers a rumor
Wasn’t expected for 7 years
But it came much sooner
We are gathered around the table
In a dim lit room
Now take a look around
We are laughing at funerals
And laughing at clowns
Listen, do you here a sound?
Your fate is closer from kissing
The unexpected guest
Will give you no rest
She’ll cry your tears
And pray for death
Will you open your eye little one?
Crackling in the forest
Hiding in trees
Screaming yellow curses
Reacting in pale silver screams
We are engaging in warfare
On the innocent souls
Believing in old fashion ways
Receiving in little ways
Before we kiss deaths tongue
We pray

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