Stone Walls

Dark Angel
The ceiling is your road
Follow the dotted line
It could be the last thing
You ever see
The alarm went off
It’s time
Don’t cry
You didn’t wish it on me
Nothing will change
All the hearts are the same
Peeking from the clouds
I see you visiting my home
Spinning and dancing
Skipping over stones
Until you hear the news
The wind silences you
Looking at the stone
That bares my names
Dwelling on the sight
Nothing will ever be the same
As grey snow
Falls from the sky
I’m in a peaceful place
Where all things die
Why was I never called back?
I cared too much
Broke the rules
Why was I never called back?
When my emotions took over
I began a new temple path
Go to sleep
I must rest
This new future
Is by far the best
Burying this side of me
My days are done
I go now
In search of a new life
You cried your life away
Put out the fire
Emotions will always burn
Didn’t you know?
You can make death from scratch
Carry your voice
Tonight I want to hear you
I’m waiting
Today is the last day of your life

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