Colored Shells


You set sail as I sleep

Push away at the siren

Set sail with just a kiss

Drown in the waters when you are missed

The siren blows, it’s time to go

Holding in fear

I grab you closer

To the feeling I feel

Kiss me goodbye

It’s time to depart for a while

Standing on the shore

With nothing to show

But a memory filled photograph

As I saw walking down the beach

Slowly and quietly

You enchanted the rain

Remembering this

Painting empty shells

Eagerly listening

For time has to tell us

Listen as the sirens blow

Listen to the make believe

I will never find the color

Of the shells when I let you go

Felling the kiss of the wind

Feeling the kiss in the air

If I could hear your thoughts

It would sing a distorted ballad

With a picture of you painting the shell

As we sit on the shore


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