Lover 777

126517314We entered her town with open arms

Bringing crystals and stones

Dancing with flowers

The guest will be welcomed

For a midnight flight

When she arrives

We’ll begin the ceremony

Lets raise our glass

To toast our sin

We are here

I know it has found us

Purple fires dance in secret desires

Her glowing statue makes her way to me

Undressed at my request

I’m in control of my own weakness

Give a kiss and a gentle touch

To hear how often the silence was broken

An emotional blanket

Smothered the heat of our flames

Ecstasy is the same as fantasy

Of stained memories

It follows us in the shadows

Whispers behind us

In the back of our minds

A vision of lust

In a slow motion world

A kiss pushed her away at the sound of the siren

I’ll stay in her coven

And wait for her endlessly

 By Ed@n


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