City Magick Part I


So many books on witchcraft revolve around the energy of mother earth and nature.  While I love and honor nature, I seem to get more energy from the city.  The skyscrapers of New York and the concrete jungle is where I feel at home.  I live in Denver, but I rarely go to the mountains to get refreshed or energy for magical work.  The city is where I find my recharge! I find it interesting that out of all the books out there on witchcraft, there are only a handful dedicated towards our metropolitan lifestyle. Not every witch wants a drum circle in the woods to celebrate the Sabbaths.  I would love to see a book on witchcraft for those of us into electronic music, digital alchemy, concrete temples and who prefer a loud boom box over a drum circle. The energy of the city has it’s magical elements and the psychic energy of city people are undeniable. This post is just a quick rant that not all witches prefer the nature based paths, but crave the energy of skyscrapers and traffic lights.  I feel that city magick needs to be explored, and may be the base of my magical work for the next year.  To translate nature based workshops into a usable path for the urban witch.  It’s time for witchcraft to grow and include those of us who prefer the energy of the city night.


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