City Magick Part II


As a continuation from my rant from yesterday, I had a eureka moment this week.  For decades, I have been trying to study witchcraft with fluctuations of high and low success.  I would feel myself becoming resentful and jealous at wilderness retreats where my fellow witches would get a surge of energy.  I felt that the outdoors felt like a hospital, it was a great place to heal but a depressing place to be.  I would leave these retreats the opposite of everyone else, the best way to describe it was soul sucked.  I felt depressed, anxious, and drained the longer I spent in the mountains of Colorado.  This was a bizarre reaction considering I wanted to be witch. When I would try and go back to the city to get recharged, people looked at me like I was crazy.  I have always lived by the motto, “Look where everyone is going and run the other direction.” If you read my earlier posts, I attempted this.  I tried Black Magic, Satanism, anything that would explain why I just couldn’t get my path going.  This was a struggle until I went to New York city.  As I was walking in Mahaaattan, I felt alive for the first time in decades! At first I thought it was because I learned how to tap into smaller amounts of energy from nature in the city, like Central Park.  This wasn’t the case, I was getting my energy from the streets, buildings, people, sirens, you name it.  Then it hit me, I was a city witch! The dots finally connected! My most depressing times were when I lived in the mountains and country.  My greatest happiness was when I was living in Denver and worked in the heart of it.  This started a chain reaction, I get my energy from city life, my mythology is rock stars and movies, my modern muses and goddesses were suicide girls and the gothic culture. It was time for a change, out with the old and in with the new.  Traditional witchcraft with entries old mythology felt sterile and dead, the opposite of what I wanted form witchcraft.  I needed to start a new path! I finally found the missing link in my Book Of Shadows: To replace nature with urban.  Now it’s time to rewrite my Book of Shadows with this new insight.  I want to blog and posts this journey now that I have the final piece in place.  It’s time to publish my Book Of Shadows, complete with DJ mixes and poetry. The skyscrapers are my temples, nightclubs are my covens and the subways my underworld, it’s time for a new path.


  1. I’m a City Girl born and raised and the City is the only place I know how to energize myself all I need is right here ❤

  2. What a perfect post!! I think even we old-school witches can get a burst of energy from the city. If not, we are missing a vital element. Thanks for reminding me of this. I am definitely a witch of the woods. Cities make me nervous–but in an excited, on-the-edge, out-of-the-box kind of way. This is a good thing and needs to be embraced, explored, absorbed. I hope, now that you have this piece of your own puzzle, you will give the nature-thing another try from time to time–always knowing where your true energy comes from but able to make use of all experiences. I know I will remember your post with the same intention when I go urban. Thanks!!!!

    1. Great point!!! Now that I know the city is where I grow and nature is where I heal, I’ll know what to do in both settings. It can be frustrating to make one or the other fulfill all my needs.

  3. I have to tell you, this is one of the most fascinating concepts I’ve ever heard. How simple, natural, and flat out common sense it all is just makes me want to smack myself in the head for never really examining an idea like this as deeply as it deserves. And I think that is a fatal flaw of the majority of magicians who are in the process of fine tuning their energy work – that so many may be overlooking the power and potential of alternative or unorthodox energy sources. A whole spectrum of magickal fuel and a totally new spiritual philosophy derived from purely generated energy powered by people and the objects of human ingenuity. It’s so intriguing.

    Drawn from street lights and moving feet and bass beats and cars honking. Vents belching steam, and stored in the electronic grid and in neon signs and the steel framework of the city buildings. In the sweat and cigarette smoke of the night life. Like a whole new form of nature and natural energy created and distilled for practical use by humans. A literal concrete jungle with its own digital aura shining on the face of the Earth. Like Mother Nature wearing some badass gauges in her ears. How fascinating!

    I have to admit, I never really considered this sort of point of view this thoroughly before either, but I also think that has to do with the fact that I’ve never even seen a city like New York before. I live in Texas and the most bustling cities we have here are Austin or Dallas, and neither of them can really be called a metropolis. I think this may be part of the reason for the perspectives and preferences of so many others leaning more toward the whole fluffy nature love fest trees n’ fairies side of things: a giant and bustling industrial city like New York or Hong Kong is a special kind of place that not many get the chance to experience. I think the simple ignorance of the existence of this kind of energy source and it’s potential, alongside centuries of established dogma and what’s most popular or marketable today, has made the surface of the whole spiritual system in the modern age petrified. The meat of real progressive ideas like yours can be very easily hidden and trapped beneath a structure that’s been systematically frozen in time.

    So I think you have an incredibly valuable idea brewing in you. You definitely should explore this further and develop it and keep us updated, because my head is seriously spinning with new possibilities now, and I want to know more. I want to explore this myself even!

    I think you have an obligation to the magickal community to develop and present this concept. You have something very special here that can genuinely contribute to the zeitgeist. The spiritual body of knowledge definitely needs this. I am incredibly excited to see where this goes for you.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I will defiantly keep everyone posted and let you know how it goes 🙂
      I live in Denver, same scenario as you, it’s a city but not quite a metropolis. I always knew this method was best for me but never really understood it. It reminds me of the old saying, “Fish will be the last creature on earth to discover water.”

      1. You should check out a book called Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. The whole series is great, but that particular book is my favorite.

        It centers around a guy named Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin living in this steampunk style city called New Crobuzon. He’s a scientist in a world where the line between science and magic is very blurry. Among his other experiments, he gets commissioned by this giant Garuda who had his wings sawed off to help him to fly again. Isaacs studies and the prototype machines he starts developing are all insanely fascinating, including all of the other magical style science that others in the world do. It’s all very mechanical and all these crazy machines and abilities people have bend the laws of physics in a specific way and in a controlled environment. The particular science he does is kind of like a mix of alchemy and enchantment, but with engineered machinery. His machines tend to be like electrical charm generators which cause a certain result to happen based on what’s being “charmed” and for what purpose. In the book it’s called Thaumaturgy. I think you’d really love it. The atmosphere of that book is what I immediately thought of when I started pondering “city magick”.

        You can damn near taste New Crobuzon with how well it’s written and described. Especially where the magic, strange chemistry, and industrial revolution style engineering are involved. And the plot is amazing too. It could provide some inspiration!

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