City Animal Totem


One thing that I felt I was missing doing city magic was finding an animal guide.  This was the first quest I wanted to go on for the next phase in my life.  Shifting from nature to the city, I was a bit skeptical that there was one out there for me. Once I opened my eyes I saw plenty of city animals that can be used as a totem. Many of them have city like personalities and the variety was greater than I originally anticipated.  Over the weekend I started to look for city animals and tried to find which one would fit me the best.  This journey didn’t last long as the crow made itself more than apparent to me during my city walk. When I looked up the meaning of the crow in various reference books they said, “The crow is a spirit animal associated with transformation, and connection with life’s magic.”  I walked the city with the intention and guidance to find my totem and found much more, my next goddess. With the discovery of the crow as my animal guide also came Morrigan. Morrigan is the dark celtic goddess of death and often associated with warriors and battles. My past guides have always been in the realm of Kali or Hecate, so Morrigan seemed to fit right in. I was surprised how easy it was to find her energy in the city.  The competitive nature, a concrete jungle of opportunity and danger.  Morrigan seemed to be a perfect guide for the city and it’s daily battles.  Morrigan and her crows made themselves known that she would be my next guide as I transition to my new adventures. This discovery seemed to come at the perfect time of my journey.  If you are a city witch, I encourage you to find an animal guide that you connect with.  By opening your witch eyes and going for a city walk, you would be surprised how easy and instant finding your tome can be.  Just ask your guides and send out the intention as you walk.  I was able to find mine, I know you will find yours.

Edan Hansen

*Picture of me done by Tabatha: Breathless Designs


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