Passing time

We are gathered here today

To regard time

Bow your heads

Put it to rest

This future is

By far the best

The labyrinth of emotions

Was brought on by you

What can I say about this beloved soul

Purple at times

Then blue without a goal

The one that will always be by your side

Die within a minute

Reborn at the light

Will it ever depart?

Are you becoming your worst enemy?

Always believe in what you say

It will spite and fall

The very next day

You could be the fool

Walking on a cliff

Rooms awaiting your dreams

The cards say

You are destined for a loss

Unlawful couples in beds of rust

Keep quiet and be careful

Be sure not to break the trust

Look! She’s coming here

Red silky hair

An emotional tear

Come here

Her lips reveal

Whats under her hair

Making statements

On what she considers care

I once had a little game

Winner takes all

It will make you go insane

Lie and cheat

Make your fantasy come true

Someone else started the game

A spiritual love

Is where you belong


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