Falling For Camille: Plot Synopsis

Falling For Camille

Marc is a middle aged man who has reached the American dream of a wife, house, car and stable job.  This dream quickly becomes a nightmare as his gender dysphoria begins to haunt him.  Marc’s loving wife of 15 years, Tabatha, is a faithful and very romantic partner who is nothing less than Marc’s soulmate he wants to spend his life with.  

As his gender dysphoria begins to rise, it challenges his loving relationship with Tabatha as he is spiralled into a world of confusion and fear. Once Marc comes out to his wife as Transgender, the couple begins a process to try and save their love for one another despite the challenges of losing everything in order to remain a strong couple in love.  

As Marc begins his transition into the woman Camille, Tabatha quickly realizes that Camille is seen as a stranger and the marriage turns turbulent and ends in divorce, heartache, and Tabatha grieving the symbolic death of her husband Marc.

On her own, Camille decides to continue the medical transition into a woman leaving her scared and frustrated as she continues to second guess her decision and the price she has to pay to become her authentic self.  She is unable to separate Marc and Tabatha to give room for Camille to enter the relationship due to her gender dysphoria. Lost and confused, Camille’s gender dysphoria returns stronger creating an inner civil war between her previous male persona Marc and her new identity as a female Camille.  

In an attempt to control her gender dysphoria, Camille isolates herself from work, family, her partner and friends and makes a suicide attempt landing her into a mental institute with a complete nervous breakdown and no will to live through this inner nightmare.  Her friends begin to worry about Camille’s safety as her emotions rise to an alarming level and suicide was now in the picture.

Camille must now face the reality of being a transgender woman and challenge the thoughts and destruction of falling back into her previous gender dysphoria. She relies on her support system and to try and understand her emotional state as “Marc” becomes a symbol of isolation and suicide. Now at the end of her gender transition, she must re-learn and challenge gender norms as navigating her new life creates challenges she never was prepared for. Camille tries to discover her authentic self into a brave new world of being a transgender woman in an American Trump era of political hate and transphobia. 


  1. I remember as you went, step by step through your transition. I am sorry, I had no idea whatsoever that you had no place to live or you could have stayed awhile with me. Hugs!

    1. I’ve been blessed enough to always have a place to stay with my mother, Mama Hansen. She’s been an unbelievable support for me. Knowing that people like you also would offer their home makes my heart melt ❤

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