During my meditations this week, I’ve been struggling with Inner and Outer Temples and how they can work together.  It’s always been common knowledge for me that witchcraft involved both the physical and spiritual, but I still didn’t feel like I got it.  I began trying to use different tools to help my logical side […]

One thing that I felt I was missing doing city magic was finding an animal guide.  This was the first quest I wanted to go on for the next phase in my life.  Shifting from nature to the city, I was a bit skeptical that there was one out there for me. Once I opened […]

As a continuation from my rant from yesterday, I had a eureka moment this week.  For decades, I have been trying to study witchcraft with fluctuations of high and low success.  I would feel myself becoming resentful and jealous at wilderness retreats where my fellow witches would get a surge of energy.  I felt that […]

So many books on witchcraft revolve around the energy of mother earth and nature.  While I love and honor nature, I seem to get more energy from the city.  The skyscrapers of New York and the concrete jungle is where I feel at home.  I live in Denver, but I rarely go to the mountains […]

The blood moon is a great time to shed off old ideas and begin a new adventure. On the blood moon, I took a ritual cleansing bath and asked for guidance for the new phase of my life. During the ritual, I did struggle with two roads and identities that seemed to be somewhat incompatible […]

  I’ve been reading many views about the use of Satan in witchcraft practices.  It seems ironic that anything to do with Christianity, even Satan, is not welcomed in many Wiccan communities.  The reason I find this ironic is because the the deities I find the closest relationship to is Satan as a God image […]