The sun lays down to rest Behind the shadowed mountains You follow the road Dusty boots and second thoughts Waiting for someone to accept your world Take you for a ride When you’re alone You have no town, no home A nomad of the highway You watch the blonde and brunette cars pass by Dead […]

We entered her town with open arms Bringing crystals and stones Dancing with flowers The guest will be welcomed For a midnight flight When she arrives We’ll begin the ceremony Lets raise our glass To toast our sin We are here I know it has found us Purple fires dance in secret desires Her glowing […]

You set sail as I sleep Push away at the siren Set sail with just a kiss Drown in the waters when you are missed The siren blows, it’s time to go Holding in fear I grab you closer To the feeling I feel Kiss me goodbye It’s time to depart for a while Standing […]

Orange skies and a yellow moon Coat the action of the day The smell of day leaves burning And the sound of sour vivid blooming Red broken hills rise from the ground Candlelight escapes Creating a new sun A new focus Heavy storms comes when the clouds roll in Tragedy is surely calling This land […]

The ceiling is your road Follow the dotted line It could be the last thing You ever see The alarm went off It’s time Don’t cry Please You didn’t wish it on me Nothing will change All the hearts are the same Peeking from the clouds I see you visiting my home Spinning and dancing […]

 We are gathered here today To regard time Bow your heads Put it to rest This future is By far the best The labyrinth of emotions Was brought on by you What can I say about this beloved soul Purple at times Then blue without a goal The one that will always be by your […]

 When two are in love It’s not boy meets girl It’s girl meets girl As one A one night stand Is the playground that creates a madman When a heart is saddened By the thought of a woman’s face The sounds of crying Caused by lying Curses made in the dark Unsheltered hearts look for […]

I am troubled immensely I can feel the state in the rain Your words took flight without wings In the air They concealed what your eye can not see Double your pleasure Doesn’t do her justice But only a single word could touch this Do the scriptures tell a terrible lie? Or do they explain […]