1. Fuck You Bitch (TB Mix) by Suicide Commando 2. This Is My Battlefield by Panzer AG 3. Feuer Frei! [Reaper ReMix] by Nachtmahr 4. Gotta Get Mad by Virgins OR Pigeons 5. Orgasmfobia [edit] by 105 Ex.Es 6. B.J. Diploma(Job-To-Be-Done-Mix: Zipperface) by Truemmerfrau 7. Die Mother Fucker Die (Modulate Mix) by Suicide Commando 8. Fuck That Shit by Combichrist 9. Blood In Your Face by Aiboforcen [feat. Acylum]

1. A Kind Of Deutsch  By: And One 2. That Perfect Body [Flawless Mix] By: Spetsnaz 3. No Matter What You Do By: Benny Benassi 4. Split By:DJ Scandy 5. Conflict [Combichrist ReMix] By: The Azoic 6. Going For DeathVoltage Control By: Voltage Control

1.One Night Stand by Alien Vampires 2.WWW by Individual Totem 3.Necrolust by Mordacious 4.Deny me by Run Level Zero 5.Broken Heart Cliché by Unter Null 6.Sex Mit Einer Leiche [Soman Re-Mix] by Industrigebiet 7.Adrenaline (Endzeit Edit) by Diskonnekted 8.Sweet Hard Revenge (Endzeit Mix feat. Leaether Strip) by Psy’Aviah

Track List: 1.In The Night (Enhanced Version) by Wumpscut 2.Blank Stare by Inertia 3.Kado by Run Level Zero 4.Burn Your Soul by The Judas Coven 5.Are You Connected by Combichrist 6.Paraldehyde (Voluntarius Mix) by Xiphoid Process 7.My Gun (Krzon Remix) by Implant 8.Stronghold by Funker Vogt 9.Bereit by Panzer AG 10.Churist Churist (Recently Deceased Remixed) by Wumpscut 11.Bulletfuck by Combichrist 12.Zero by Terrorfakt 13.Dead March by Suicide Commando