Sex  Drugen Und Industri by Combichrist War On The Dance Floor by Nachtmahr One-Eyed Man by This Morn’ Omina SkullFuck (Combichrist ReMix) by Modulate Face Down by Shaolyn Black Elektro by Timetrick Mthrfkr by Xykogen Bitch From Hell by Timetrick Colder and Colder by Sara Noxx

1. Fuck You Bitch (TB Mix) by Suicide Commando 2. This Is My Battlefield by Panzer AG 3. Feuer Frei! [Reaper ReMix] by Nachtmahr 4. Gotta Get Mad by Virgins OR Pigeons 5. Orgasmfobia [edit] by 105 Ex.Es 6. B.J. Diploma(Job-To-Be-Done-Mix: Zipperface) by Truemmerfrau 7. Die Mother Fucker Die (Modulate Mix) by Suicide Commando 8. Fuck That Shit by Combichrist 9. Blood In Your Face by Aiboforcen [feat. Acylum]

1.One Night Stand by Alien Vampires 2.WWW by Individual Totem 3.Necrolust by Mordacious 4.Deny me by Run Level Zero 5.Broken Heart Cliché by Unter Null 6.Sex Mit Einer Leiche [Soman Re-Mix] by Industrigebiet 7.Adrenaline (Endzeit Edit) by Diskonnekted 8.Sweet Hard Revenge (Endzeit Mix feat. Leaether Strip) by Psy’Aviah

1.Boom Boom Boom by Nachtmahr 2.Creepy Crawler by Zombie Girl 3.Rotten People by Plastic Noise Experience 4.Get Your Body Beat by Combichrist 5.Find A Way (feat. Implant) by Neikka Rpm 6.Mmm Papscraper I Love You (Cervello Elettronico Mix) by Caustic 7.TZDV by Faderhead 8.Born In Sin (DJ Psycon Mix) by Virgin O.R. Pigeons