Second Degree Witchcraft

a beautiful vintage mirror  There comes a time in every pagans journey where you hit a major wall.  Guess what, this is where I am.  The books out there are flooded with Witchcraft 101 and High Magick with nothing in between.  Being stuck here can be frustrating to say the least, on one hand I have a good idea of where I want to go but finding the language and specific tradition can be challenging.  For me, this is what the second degree is all about.  When you begin, there are tons of help out there to get you started on your path and can be exciting! Then, you begin to realize that not all pagans are the same.  They can range from the legalistic pagan nazi that feels their tradition is the only way to the tofu-hippie-crystal-warriors dancing frantically under the moon.  If you try to discover black magick, you get the Crowley wanna be’s vomiting spells and bad poetry to prove to you how dark and evil they are despite the fact they drive a mini van. In short, the pagan community is full of fascinating people and just as many followers who just ended a full day of LARPing and call it magick.  So where does an intermediate student go? F*ck if I know, but here is where I started.

Leaving an informal first-degree program, I was left with pieces of what I want and tons of sh*t I don’t want.  The pieces I wanted to keep ranged from finding a patron goddess to a vague culture I want to incorporate.  Then when I got past all the legalistic witches and freedom of the people I just made fun of, I realized, wait a second, this is the degree where you create your own religion.  So that’s what I did, made a cult of me.  This is the main thesis of the second degree as far as I’m concerned.

This is the degree where I can take the pieces of a broken journey and build the master piece of my personal occult journey. Taking the foundation of the overview I’ve been working on for what feels like a lifetime, it’s time to connect the dots. This will be my 2nd degree journey which I can assure you will last far longer than 1year and 1 day, the usual length of a degree.  This will be a diary of personal discovery and hopefully a template for others to do the same, to make the cult of [your name here].  So to all my friends out there in Blogland, I finally found my voice and purpose for Fallen Furies, welcome to the religion and cult of me, Ed@n. The journey of a witch in their 2nd degree study.


  1. I LIKE it!

    This is where my Path also put me: ” To designing and working my OWN -religion-“.

    I still do a lot of study into other traditions, but I can always come back to my own practices.

    Nice commentary.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  2. This is precisely where I am right now. Thank you for posting this—I needed affirmation that I’m not the only one with these thoughts.

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