A Thought About Spells

When practicing magic with a darker intention, you have to know yourself! There is no way around this. Many witches a drawn to the left hand path for the excuse to become evil or run wild without any consequences. There could be nothing further from the truth. When you practice magic without moral judgements and the ability to use black and/or white magic, the responsibility for your actions increase. If it’s one thing I’ve learned in exploring the dark, every action has a reaction. Even something as simple as a love spell can cause a chain reaction where the final outcome is nothing close to what I had in mind. The black magician must have a very clear intention and good reason to study the craft and use magic in their everyday life. Most of my magick is focused on self improvement and self transformation. As tempting as it is to do money spells, love spells, and curses, I know as soon as I involved other people the outcome could get messy. My focus has always been on self improvement when it came to black magick and any spell I plan to do, both positive and negative. I use myself as a test subject before involving anyone else or doing spells where the desired outcome will affect other people. Many times, if I’m feeling the need to curse, manifest love or money, or any other types of spell work, there usually is a deeper need. It’s so easy to blame others for my lack of success that I like to keep myself in check by doing spell-work on my own problems before I attack another. I think of Black Magick like martial arts, just because you know how to fight, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to do. This type of self discipline is needed when using black magick. If I had to give the beginning magician one piece of advise, it would be to use magick for yourself and never involve other people unless it is an absolute must. You could end up hurting yourself and others, even when you’re trying to help.


  1. I happen to agree with what you said about Black Magick being similar to a martial art. In fact that is the same analogy I use when explaining it. Often it takes wisdom to fully understand when to use your ability and when not to. If a magician is dealing with a lot of anger issues in their personal life than it easier for them to practice that type of Magick and project that type of energy.

  2. i was once toad, by a thousand year old soul, there is a price for everything! Don’t play if you can’t pay….

  3. Very well said. A book called Village Witch by my favorite witch of all time, Cassandra Latham, had a line in it that went something like “every witch should know how to curse effectively, even if it’s never used” for many of the same reasons you’ve already stated. The martial art analogy is also a very good one. I love your approach and mindset.

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